The combustion heater
Alternative heating with combustion heater
Alternative heating with combustion heater During winter time, the night temperature could drop to below 0 deg. C. The cottage can be warmed by the central heating or prewarmed by the combustion heater. This will provide a warm and cosy environment for you to enjoy. If the combustion heater is used and a comfortable warm temperature in the cottage has been reached, the fire can be turned down to maintain that temperature. Please follow the instruction below carefully to achieve a sustainable fire with the combustion heater. We provide some firewood under the house but you must provide your own firestarter and kindling.
Clear the chamber
Clear the cold ash and place it in a plastic bag for disposal. Or use the spade and push it to one side of the chamber and leave a cleared area in the middle of the fire place and then place the fire starter as shown below. The main reason is not to allow the fire starter to sink into the ash and impede the air flow that will assist the wood burning later.
Lay a few fire starters
Place a few fire starter and line them up in the middle of the chamber.
Stack the kindling
Stack the kindling over the fire starter and make sure that the kindling are carefully stacked one over another to maximise the air flow.
Light up the fire starter under the kindling
Allow the fire to continue to burn through the kindling. Wait for the kindling to burn fully before placing 1 large log into the fire place. It may take 5 minutes for all the kindling to fully ignite then close the combustion heater door. Do not allow the log to roll down to block the Air inlet holes. Maintenance of air circulation within the chamber is the key for maximum burning.
Slide the Air inlet control lever all the way to the left
At this time, the Air inlet lever should be at the left most position (maximum opening). Leave it at that position until the fire is roaring and then push the vent control in as shown. By pushing this knob in, the heat is going to be maintained inside the cottage rather than escaping out. When the comfortable temperature is reached, the Air inlet valve can be adjusted slightly to the right and the fire will be diminished but not killed. You will see all the Air inlet holes will close up as you slide the lever to the right. Be careful of the Air inlet lever, it could become very hot when the fire is fully lit. Adjustment can be done by tapping lightly using the supplied fire place implements. Experiment with the lever position until the amount of burning is just enough to maintain a continuous burning without suffocating and eventually kill the fire.
Pull the Vent control knob all the way out
The Vent control knob should remain in an opened (pulled out) position to assist with the burning of the fire wood. Leave it in a fully opened position until you are confident that the fire wood has burnt sufficiently (At least 50% of the log is covered with glowing amber).
Adjust the Vent control to achieve balanced heat output
This lever can be adjusted throughout the night for the right balance. Note: leave the Vent knob IN all the time. Vent knob is pulled out only during fire starting stage.
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